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About The Conference

Recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence and key emerging technologies have opened a new realm of possibilities and countless implementation modalities for every sector imaginable. While trending new platforms like ChatGPT have truly brought AI to the fore, real industry use-cases in AI, data analytics, Industrial IoT and more have existed for quite a while.


These advancements come at the perfect time for the energy sector – key players in the Oil and Gas sector have been aiming to maximize operations while keeping in line with key sustainability and decarbonization goals, while advanced analytics and IIoT have truly supercharged the potential of renewable energies and energy efficiency for the built environment.


To create a fully dedicated platform to address the unique needs of the energy sector, the AI Middle East Series – Energy Conference is taking place in Dubai on 5 – 6 September 2023. As the only conference dedicated to the implementation of AI and emerging technologies for the energy sector, the conference brings together key regulatory and governmental stakeholders with industry leaders in the Utilities, Oil and Gas, Renewables, and Building Energy Efficiency sectors to discuss collaboration opportunities and share key industry knowledge.

What Will be Covered

  • Enabling the AI Transition – Regulatory, Financial and Technological

  • AI to maximize Efficiency and Enhance Sustainability for the Oil and Gas Sector

  • Ail as a Catalyst for Renewable Energies

  • AI and Smart Data for Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment

  • Cross-Sector Use-Cases and Implementation Models

  • 5G, Telecommunications and Cloud Computing’s role in the AI Transition

  • Data – A Cornerstone of Technological Advancement

  • The Importance of End-To-End Security

  • Creating an AI-Ready Organization through Digital Transformation and Change Management

  • Creating an AI-Ready Workforce through Training and Skills Development





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