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AI Middle East Series - Energy Logo  (500 × 250 px).png


Agenda Day One
Tuesday 5th September

08:00 Registration and Coffee Break

Enabling the AI Transition – Regulatory, Financial and Technological

08:55 Chairman’s Welcome Remarks

09:00 Welcome Address

09:10 Government Keynote Presentation: Leveraging AI and Emerging Technologies to Achieve Regional Sustainability and Decarbonization Goals

09:25 International Keynote Presentation: Smart and Micro Grids, and their Significance for the Future of Energy

09:40 Technology Keynote Presentation: AI-Empowered Data Management Platforms – Unlocking the
Energy Sector’s Potential

*Session reserved for Lead Sponsor


09:55 Technology Keynote Presentation: Advanced Network  and Cloud Capabilities as a Key Prerequisite of Truly Integrated AI

*Session reserved for Platinum Sponsor


10:10 Executive Panel Discussion: Why the Energy Sector must Embrace AI and Emerging Technologies

  • Understand the reasons players in the energy sector need to embrace and prepare for the use of AI, dataanalytics, IoT and other emerging technologies to stay ahead of the curve

  • Learn how the key stakeholders can collaborate and cooperate to achieve the sector’s ambitious sustainability goals

  • Gain insights into the important balance between investments in people vs technologies to foster growth

10:50 VIP Exhibition Tour and Networking Coffee Break

Enabling the AI Transition – Regulatory, Financial and Technological


11:20 International Case Study: AI to Maximize Efficiency and Enhance Sustainability for the Oil and Gas Sector

11:40 Technology Presentation: Leveraging Data-Driven Decision Making to Create the Energy Sector of the Future

*Session reserved for Sponsor


12:00 Case Study: AI’s Implications for Fully Automated Real-Time Energy Demand Management


12:20 Technology Presentation: Computer Vision – Tapping the Untapped Potential for the Energy Sector

*Session reserved for Sponsor


12:40 Networking Coffee Break


13:10 Panel Discussion: The Financial Perspective – Unlocking the true Potential of AI and Emerging Technologies through Calculated Investments

  • Understanding the key considerations that should be made when considering investments in any scale of technological upgrades 

  • Gain insights into the investment initiatives put forward by incubators and financial institutions

  • Learning from leading experts on the best easy-win investments to begin with 

  • Unpacking the ideal ratio of direct technological investment vs investments in workforce, security and infrastructure


13:50 Technology Presentation: Industrial IoT – Integrating Physical Assets to Maximize Efficiency

*Session reserved for Sponsor


14:10 Case Study: Electric Mobility – Leveraging AI to Minimize EV Charging Cost and Maximize Synergies with the Grid


14:30 Networking Lunch and End of Day One

The Conference
Agenda Day Two
Wednesday 6th September

08:00 Registration and Coffee Break

Data – A Cornerstone of Technological Advancement

09:25 Chairman’s Welcome Remarks

09:30 International Keynote Presentation: AI’s Potential for Supercharging Renewable Energy Projects

09:50 Technology Presentation: AI-Empowered Building Management Systems

*Session reserved for Sponsor

10:10 Case Study: The Role of Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Assessing Net-Zero Implementation Plans

10:30 Technology Presentation: Data Storage, Management and Visualization Platforms

*Session reserved for Sponsor

10:50 VIP Exhibition Tour and Networking Coffee Break

Creating an AI-Ready Organization


11:30 Panel Discussion: Digital Transformation and Change Management for the Energy Sector

  • Discussing the common challenges and opportunities faced by players in the energy sector

  • Understanding the important early steps when preparing for investments in AI and emerging technologies, including computing capacity, data gathering, storage and management strategies, networking infrastructure, security, and more

  • Gain insights into the strategic and process requirements when automating key functions


12:10 Technology Presentation: Network Security – The Importance of End-To-End Security

​*Session reserved for Sponsor

12:30 Case Study: Digital Transformation for the Energy Sector

12:50 Networking Coffee Break

Creating an AI-Ready Workforce

13:30 Presentation: Beyond Technology – The Importance of a Skilled & Innovative Workforce


13:50 Technology Presentation: Advanced Training Programs – Creating an AI-Ready Workforce

*Session reserved for Sponsor


14:10 Case Study: Hiring the AI-Ready Workforce –  Best-Practices and Important Models

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